American professional skateboarder Danny Way has a reputation for pulling off some of the most extreme stunts ever seen on four wheels, but at a recent event sponsored by DC shoes and Thrasher Magazine in Alpine, California, USA the 41-year-old managed even greater heights, reaching a never before achieved air on his skateboard.
Once Danny’s skateboard left the ramp, he flew a breath-taking and potentially dangerous 7.772m (25.49 ft) into the sky, smashing the record for the Highest air on a skateboard (quarterpipe).
The talented boarder first took this record back in 1998, with a comparatively small 5m (16.4ft) air, but went on to break it three more times and has secured his name as one of the most skilled skateboarders in the world.
However, for 12 years he kept a relatively low profile and left the record untouched… until now.
With 7.1m to beat it was going to be a challenge, but as seen in the video below , the experienced pro just makes the extra height look easy. 
Danny also holds the record for the Longest skateboard ramp jump after performing a 24-m (79-ft) 360 air on his Mega Ramp at X Games in Los angeles, California, USA in 2004.
Viewers in the US can see more of Danny’s incredible Guinness World Records attempt at 4 PM EST on Sunday 25 October, when ABC will be airing an hour-long, in-depth look at the incredible feat titled 'Beyond Measure' on the weekly World of X Games extreme sports show.