Record Holder Profile Video: André Ortolf – The fastest sprinter in clogs and ski boots

By Rachel Swatman
In defiance of ease and comfort, and in the name of commitment and determination, André Ortolf has recently broken two impressive world records.
Germany’s answer to Ashrita Furman has usurped the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest 100 m in clogs after clopping down the track in an astonishing 16.26 seconds at Ernst-Lehner Stadium in Augsburg, Germany.
The unique athlete also earned the record for the Fastest 100m wearing ski-boots after running in an impressive 17.65 seconds, describing it as really hot and uncomfortable.
André says, “When I was eight years old I saw my first Guinness World Records Book and knew I wanted to break a record”.
But he has gone further than one record, having broken a variety of titles including the Fastest mile in clogs (7 min 26.48) sec and the Furthest distance to blow a pea (7.51 m).
Not content to stop at that, the ambitious record setter wants to beat the man who inspired him and the person with the most GWR titles, Ashrita Furman - Hear him state his challenge:

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