The tour bus is parked, the media coverage is flowing, and Hunter Hayes can finally catch his breath – at least for a bit.

The multiple-Grammy nominated country music star has officially been entered into the Guinness World Records database for playing the most live concerts in 24 hours in different cities.

For a refresher on the rules Hunter had to follow, check out our record attempt preview here.

Wearing out the highways of the American Northeast, Hunter played 10 shows in 10 cities to break the previous record of eight by The Flaming Lips in 2012.

“I cannot believe how much fun this whole day has been and that it's only been a day!” Hunter said. “Ten shows in 24 hours with the best fans in the world.”

The attempt kicked off Friday, May 9, at 8:17 a.m. with a concert in Times Square, broadcast live on ABC’s Good Morning America. From there, Hunter’s road trip took him to Boston and Worcester in Massachusetts; Providence, R.I.; New London, New Haven, and Stamford in Connecticut; South Orange and Asbury Park in New Jersey, and the culminating show in Philadelphia.

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“Hunter has an incredible passion for his fans,” said adjudicator Morgan Wilber, one of two GWR judges who followed Hunter for all 24 hours. “He actually felt bad that the shows had to be cut so short to keep up with the record attempt. Every show he wanted to give the audience more.”

The attempt also benefited a charitable cause and came in celebration of Hunter’s latest album release, Storyline.

Main sponsor ConAgra Foods helped support the attempt to raise awareness for its “Child Hunger Ends Here” program. The attempt also caused a massive social media swell, with some outlets offering coverage of all 10 shows and the tour bus and thousands of “ Hayniacs” posting as much as they could about their crooning idol.

“The fan support he received was just crazy,” Angert said. “Every stop it seemed like the crowds got louder and louder, whether it was noon or 4 a.m. And it seemed like every person at every show was on their phone taking pictures or tweeting or telling their friends about it.”

What’s next for Hunter? Doing what he does best – touring. His “We’re Not Invisible” tour resumes May 25 with 20 shows planned over the next five months.

After 10 concerts in 10 cities in 24 hours, a months-long tour should be a piece of cake.

“Thank you to all the fans for not only making history with us but also making this whole thing absolutely awesome!” Hunter said.

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