There was a lot of love shown for mums in Dubai this week, when a new world record was set for the largest greeting card.

Looking to mark Mothers Day in record-breaking style, Nestlé NIDO unveiled a card at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink last weekend, measuring a massive 10 metres by 7 metres when closed, and 10 meters by 14 meters when open.

Nestle’s record was helped in no small part from children across the Middle East, who had been encouraged to contribute to the card as part of Nestlé NIDO’s ‘I Love Mama’ painting competition.


The campaign saw over 40,800 children from 68 schools across the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan submitting drawings expressing their love for their mother.

One student from every school was also awarded a golden heart pendant as a gift to their mother.


Speaking following the unveiling of the special card, Yves Manghardt, Chairman and CEO at Nestlé Middle East said: “Today’s new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title achievement is a unique way of recording all of the love expressions of the children who participated in our ‘I Love Mama’ campaign and celebrating every mother’s passion and dedication this Mother’s Day”.

The attempt beat the previous record set by the University College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, who created a free-standing Christmas card measuring 9 metres x 6 metres (29.5 ft x 19.7 ft) when closed and 9 metres x 12 metres (29.52 ft x 39.37 ft) when opened.