Minecraft, Tomb Raider, FIFA, Call of Duty are just some of the latest gaming phenomenon’s to have been recognised in the eighth edition of ‘gaming bible’ Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2015, out on Thursday 6 th November.

Spaniard Rodrigo Martin Santos, who owns a staggering 2,383 related Tomb Raider items, has earned him the record for the Largest Collection of Tomb Raider Memorabilia.

The 27-year-old’s collection was counted and approved by Guinness World Records this year.


Rodrigo was inspired by the creator of Lara Croft, Briton Toby Gard. The original computer games helped build his collection and his most prized assets include the original costume worn by model Rhona Mitra in Tomb Raider 2 and a life sized Lara Croft and Rose statue of which only 50 were ever made.

Austrian Minecraft endurance player Martin Fornleitner played the crafting game for a staggering 24 hours and 10 minutes on his Sony Xperia Play handset earning him the record for the Longest Videogame Marathon on Minecraft.


Remarkably, the 19 year-old achieved the record in a glass container in Vienna back in 2011 under the watchful eye of the public and claimed tiredness was his biggest battle throughout the record attempt. Martin suggests a lot of practice is needed if anyone was ever interested in taking on his record and, also, a good music playlist to keep you interested (and awake).

In the world of football simulation, FIFA is king - and in the world of real football, Germany is king. Combine the two, and you get Patrick Hadler, aged 19, from Hannover, who replicated his countries success at this year’s World Cup, by achieving the record for the Highest Margin of Victory against the Computer on FIFA World Cup 2014 with a 321-0 scoreline!


Patrick believes commitment, focus and a keen eye for goal was at the heart of his success and wanting to feel as good as the real life Germany football team.

Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias (aka Kinumi Cati), is a specialist in the science and fantasy field of gaming and holds two endurance based records for the Longest Videogame Marathon on Final Fantasy ( 38 hours 6 minutes on July 28 th 2013) and Longest Videogame Marathon on World of Warcraft ( 29 hours 31 minutes on March 30 th 2014).


Hecaterina’s inspiration behind her records came from wanting to be recognised as a ‘good gamer’ and to grant her more exposure on her Youtube channel, where she also shares videos of her singing.

Other gaming records include:

  • Best-selling Eighth Generations Console – PS4
  • Most “Game of the Year” Awards – The Last of Us
  • First Mobile Game Series to Reach 1 Billion Downloads – Angry Birds
  • Fastest Car in a Videogame – Gran Turismo 6 - The Red Bull X2011 can travel at 622 km/h (386 mph)
  • Longest-running Sports Videogame Series - There have been 30 Madden NFL games across 26 years
  • First Fish to “play” a Videogame - US College students managed to make Pokémon respond to a fish
  • Most Costly Pac-Man Game - “Google Doodle” was played for 500,000,000 hours in total, distracting office workers everywhere and costing businesses an estimated £85 million in lost productivity!

This year’s Guinness World Record’s Gamer’s Edition is packed full of new features covering topics as diverse as the toys-to-life phenomena, gaming firsts, zombie games, Alien games videogame fashion and the big titles you’ll likely be playing over the coming months. It also looks at handheld gaming from Mattel’s Auto Race in 1976 to the innovative mobile gaming scene of today and how to become a record holder yourself with expert gaming tips.

Craig Glenday, Editor in-Chief, Guinness World Records, said: “Gaming is so dynamic and fast-moving that there’s never any shortage of exciting new superlatives for Guinness World Records to explore. Speed runs, high scores, technical achievements, collections, cosplaying… you’ll find it all the new Gamer’s Edition. And this year, we’re focusing on the most popular games as chosen for by our readers, peppered with interviews, features, hardware profiles and annual awards. Video gaming is sure to become the most significant art form of the 21 century, and the Gamer’s Edition – now in its eighth year – is committed to recording and documenting the increasingly impressive progress being made.

Guinness World Records 2015 Gamer’s Edition is out now. To find out where to buy it in your country, head to www.guinnessworldrecords.com/gamers