Vauxhall puts Halloween on the map with spooky GPS record

By Guinness World Records

The new Vauxhall Corsa has created a 6,080-mile-long image across the length and breadth of Britain’s mainland setting a new Guinness World Records title for Largest GPS drawing by a team. The country-wide art was officially validated earlier this week and beat the previous record of 4,500 miles.

Creating an array of spooky shapes, the journey was completed just in time for Halloween.

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"There are Corsas in every village, town and city in Britain," said Simon Hucknall, Vauxhall’s PR Manager. "So we thought it fitting that the new model should visit as many of them as possible to celebrate its arrival. Halloween-day coincided with the end of our press launch, and our GPS artist drove like a bat out of hell to produce an apt image of epic proportions."

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The artist at the wheel of the Corsa was US-born Jeremy Wood, one of the pioneers of GPS art, which combines drawing, travelling and technology to create art-work on a large scale. Over 264,000 positions were recorded with the Corsa’s GPS receiver and linked together like a virtual dot-to-dot drawing, using Great Britain as a giant canvas.

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"We wanted an image that embraced Britain’s mainland, but also chimed with the public at this time of year," said Hucknall. "GPS art was the answer, and new Corsa the paintbrush. The final image and YouTube film celebrate the fact that Vauxhall’s Corsa is part of our motoring landscape, and is loved by drivers throughout our country."

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After starting out from Vauxhall’s HQ at Grifffin House in Luton, Jeremy drew the first mile of the image in Caereinion, Wales. Nearly 10,000 miles and 44 days later, he completed the drawing in Wallingford, England.

The most northerly element is in Fraserburg, Scotland, and in the south, Plymouth, England. Covering the breadth of the country, the most westerly location was Ballantrae, Scotland, and to the east, Lowestoft on the Suffolk coast of England.