Often, the sight of even just one truly classic car can draw eyes and drop jaws.

So what do you do when more than 1,600 of them roll by, one after the other, through one of the most iconic streets in the world?

That's exactly the question that faced nearly 250,000 spectators in Mexico City last weekend, as they witnessed the record for the largest parade of classic cars broken with a new number of 1,674.

Classic cars story 2.jpg

The attempt, organized by the History Channel brand History Latinoamérica, saw the wave after wave of cars drive on the Paseo de la Reforma through the heart of Mexico City, comprising part of a route that measured a total 5.2 km (3.23 mi) long.

Classic cars story 1.jpg

The nearly quarter-million watching along the route were treated to a wide variety of classic cars, from traditional standybs like the Mercury Grand Marquis and Porsche Boxter to more rare offerings like Ford Fairlanes and VW Karmann Ghias.

The attempt rightly caught the eye of the man in charge of Mexico City, Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera.

To qualify for the parade, each car was required to be at least 30 years old and presented with original registration. History Latinoamérica's attempt broke the previous mark of 948 set by den Hartogh Ford Museum in Hillegom, the Netherlands, way back in 2002.

And with these blasts from the automotive past, the thousands who both watched and took part will have memories to keep well into the future.

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