Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year, with millions around the world set to take part in celebrations.

To ring in the Year of The Horse, our colleagues in Greater China have chosen some of their favourite records that have been set in the region over the past twelve months.

Largest light and sound show on a single building

An iconic record featuring one of China’s most iconic buildings.

Achieved by Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd, and first displayed back in April last year, this incredible spectacle measures 46,641.52 m² (502,405.1 ft²) and is staged on two sides of Hong Kong tallest skyscraper, the International Commerce Centre (ICC).

The sound is available through speakers spaced across the opposite side of Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour, as well as through a mobile app.

Largest animated mobile phone mosaic

Created at the inaugural China Smart Device Games back in July, this impressive mosaic was made with 400 HTC One Android smartphones displaying one giant animated image in perfect harmony.

The attempt was coordinated by Sohu IT, device manufacturer HTC, and China Unicom, whose WCDMA HSPA+ network was used to download and play the minute-long looping video at the event.

The creation of this hi-tech piece of artistry can be seen in the video below, along with the finished piece in action.

Longest line of teddy bears

The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong was the scene of one the cutest world records broken last year, achieved by the suitably named children’s fashion brand Nicholas & Bears.

Longest line of teddy bears.jpg

Taking up the entire circumference of the hotel’s 102nd floor, a total of 4,041 bears were arranged in the record-setting line.

The attempt was used to help raise funds for the Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong charity.

Longest wooden carving

Among the many world records confirmed on Guinness World Records Day back in October, was this astonishing wooden sculpture by Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui.


Unveiled on the day at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Carved from a single tree trunk, and , measuring 12.286 meters long, 3.075 meters high and 2.401 meters wide (40.308 x 10.088 x 7.877 ft), the carving took four years to complete.


Largest display of origami cranes

In an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of music and movie star Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, an incredible display of 1,956,912 paper cranes were created for this successful record attempt in Hong Kong, organised by Fun Entertainment Limited.


Largest sushi mosaic

Created by restaurant Itacho Sushi at the Festival Walk in Hong Kong earlier this month, more than 100 chefs joined forces to set a new world record 's largest sushi mosaic, with the finished piece covering an area of 37.57 sq m.

Featuring more than 20,000 pieces of sushi, to keep the fish fresh, the whole process was completed in a skating rink.

The largest yangge dance

Very popular in northern China, Yangge is a form of Chinese folk dance.


Back in June, 372 local citizens of Changchun City performed the largest ever example of the tradition in an event organised by Changchun Vanke Xinlicheng Real Estate Development Co.

Largest prenatal yoga class

A total of 423 mum’s-to-be took part in this impressive display of wellbeing in November at OCT Bay in Shenzhen City in an event organised by Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's Hospital.

Largest can pyramid


Made up of 27,434 cans, this huge structure was created by Sedrin Beer in Fuzhou, earlier this month.