When RURAL RADIO decided to celebrate its launch, it did so in a big way – a record-breaking way.

The network – part of the Rural Media Group that includes RFD-TV and Rural TV – took to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Aug. 3 and started their engines for the largest parade of pickup trucks. More than 2 miles later, the group of 386 Fords, Chevys, Dodges and more crossed the finish line into history.

“It was fun. The people who participated, they’re the ones who take pride in it,” said Patrick Gottsch, founder of RMG. “The looks on their faces when we showed them the Guinness World Records certificate today, to know that they’re part of a world record now, means as much to our audience as it does to us.”

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RMG television networks reach 63 million homes both across the United States and internationally, focusing all programming on rural lifestyle and culture. RURAL RADIO is its newest venture, launched this year in the U.S. and Canada on SiriusXM radio.

Last year, RMG broke the record for the largest parade of classic tractors, with 964 of them parading at the Nebraska State Fair.

Gottsch stated the main reason his networks attempt these records is to bring together fans from everywhere to bond over a unique experience.

“It was a great setting, with the IndyCar track and Guinness World Records,” Gottsch said. “What was really humbling was people from 31 states participated in this world record. We had every state east of the Rockies represented today, everybody came just to be part of this attempt. “

Drivers drove their own pickup trucks, with production models dating back to as far as 1927. It was required that no truck be more than 10 feet behind the one ahead of it, to ensure a continuous parade.

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The participants completed two laps of the famed track, putting them – for a day at least – on equal footing with legends like Mario Andretti and Jimmie Johnson.

And they’re not finished yet.

“We’re going to try to do something every year,” Gottsch said. “Any excuse to get our audience together with our staff and do something crazy like this, it’s fun. So we want to keep this going. I have to go into the record books and see what else is in our reach.”