They may have lost their clothes, but they certainly didn't lose Fan Choice.

The largest swimwear parade on skis at Russia's Sheregesh ski resort carved its way to victory in last week's Fan Choice, earning 51.3% of all votes.

The 500 scantily clad, cold, brave souls and event organizer Sugarelle (Russia) will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.

Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We have an Italian food lover's dream appetizer and a lot of computers going to technology heaven, but first we start with knitting tools from the Paul Bunyan collection.


Record: 3.98 m (13 ft 0.75 in) long, with a diameter of 8.25 cm (3.25 in)

Holders: Jim Bollin and Jeanette Huisinga (both USA)

Location: Casey, Illinois, USA

That's not all: Bollin constructed the needles while Huisinga (photographed above) used them to knit a tension square of 10 stitches by 10 rows when the needles were presented and measured at Casey's Monroe Elementary School. Each needle weighs 25 lb (11.3 kg) and took Bollin five months to build. In the past, Bollin has also spearheaded construction of the largest wind chime and largest golf tee.



Record: 233 percussionists

Holder: John Carroll University

Location: University Heights, Ohio, USA

That's not all: You might've heard of " slappin' da bass." This group chose "slappin' da back" instead. Attempted as part of JCU's Summer 2013 Leadership and Managerial Skills Class, this record required everyone to play on somebody else's body (no self-music allowed!) for at least five minutes. And at least three different types of styles had to be used (e.g. clapping, stomping, knee patting). The record served as the class' final exam.


Record: 8.99 m (29 ft 5 in)

Holder: Għaqda Mużikali San Ġorġ Martri A.D. 1893 (Malta)

Location: Qormi, Malta

That's not all: This isn't your standard Olive Garden breadstick. The city of Qormi - known in Malta as "Casal Fornaro" aka "City of Bread" - built a custom-made oven that was able to bake this bread entirely as one. The oven alone took 2 months to build and 15 days to dismantle, while the bread needed 3 hours to bake. Before it was distributed to the public, the bread clocked in weighing 46.5 kg (102 lb 8 oz).



Record: 336 players

Holder: Firenze Rugby 1931 ASD (Italy)

Location: Florence, Italy

That's not all: As a fun alternative to full-contact rugby, this record allows for any of the three variants in the record title to be played. Similar to the rules we outlined a few weeks ago for the most players in a tennis exhibition match, this record required all participants to play for at least 10 minutes and possess the ball at least once during their time.



Record: 474,227 kg (1045,491 lb 10.5 oz) of electronics

Holder: TechCollect/Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (Australia)

Location: Five locations across Australia

That's not all: Is that a Macintosh Classic I see somewhere in the background?! The electronics collected consisted of used computers and accessories, plus old TVs and printers. More than 480,000 fliers were printed and sent to various households across the country to get people involved in the recycling donation, as well print advertisements and radio commercials. TechCollect was established in 2012 as a national recycling program for electronic waste.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!

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