Masters of Thai massage from Bali, Indonesia and Russia all put their hands to the test to break a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record title for the Largest Massage Lesson earlier this month.

Participants soothed their models as part of the record breaking event held in Moscow's Park of Art “Muzeon” organised by massage company 7KRASOK.

A total of 257 masters took part in the one hour lesson which was instructed by Thai Massage Master Ms Thanwimol Lamoolmorn.

Under the rules for the record, the instructors and the pupils taught had to remain the same throughout the lesson -if one dropped out, they could not be counted, while the instructors needed to be certified, experienced massage therapists teaching recognised techniques.

The record attempt was to celebrate the ten year anniversary of 7KRASOK and steward Anishenko Tatyana was thrilled to be overseeing the attempt.


“It was great experience to be part of something so huge and marvelous.”

7KRASOK's general director Mohova Irina Nikolaevna felt that a Guinness World Records title was a suitable fit for the company's celebrations.

“This is a worthy goal- to perform what we can do better than anyone in the world.

"This is our team victory. And more importantly, that it is made in Russia and for Russia.”