Florida restaurant mixes up world’s largest pitcher of sangria

By Kevin Lynch

There were plenty of raised glasses at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, on June 1 after a new world record was set for the largest pitcher of sangria.

Staff at Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant doled out the record-breaking serving of the drink to mark its first Sangria Festival, with a huge 9-foot (2.97-metre) pitcher built especially for the attempt -- slightly bigger than your average pitcher.

sangria festival 2013-231.jpg

Named after the Spanish word for "blood", Sangria is a wine punch typical of Spain, Portugal and Argentina.

It normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy. Chopped fruit can include orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit and mango.

Under the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS rules for the title, the alcohol and fruit used in the super-sized pitcher had to be mixed in the same proportions as they would in an ordinary sized serving of the drink, with a minimum requirement of 1,000 litres of punch needing to be served for a record to be set.

The final amount mixed up by the restaurant in the end totalled 1,022 litres (224 UK gal, 269 US gal), including 759 litres of red wine, making the required target by some distance. Official adjudicator Kimberly Partrick was on hand to verify the pitcher.

sangria festival 2013-354.jpg

More than 700 people were in attendance for the festival, and they not only got to witness the creation of the record-breaking punch, but also got to enjoy all-you-can-drink Sangria, with the event also raising $1,500 (£963) for the American Red Cross' tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Speaking after being presented with an official Guinness World Records certificate, Ceviche’s CEO Joe Orsino said: “Our secret Sangria recipe is a legendary guest favourite at Ceviche so setting the official title not only seemed appropriate, but a great way to kick off the summer”.