If we learned one thing this week, it's that you can have your studenterbrød and eat it too.

Congratulations to Team Benns A/C and Tanges Bakery (both Denmark), who secured 56.25% of last week's vote with their 313 kg (690 lb) largest studenterbrød cake to win the Fan Choice. It was the first time this year the fan's chose a foodstuff as their favorite achievement.

This culinary accomplishment will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.

Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. From a long towel chain to a lot of stamps, we've got it all. We start, though, by trolling for votes.


Record: 1,754 unique troll items

Holder: Ray Dyson (Canada)

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

That's not all: Dyson says he began his collection in 2002 after being told he resembled the famous troll dolls. He keeps the collection in his home and actually owns more than 4,000 items, but record guidelines stipulate only unique items can be counted.


Human towel chain.jpg

Record: 261 participants

Holder: Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA

Location: Perth, Australia

That's not all: The attempt was made to celebrate World Plumbing Day and bring awareness to the profession. Only fabric bath towels or beach towels were permitted, with Person A holding a towel end, Person B holding the other end in one hand and holding a new towel in the other hand, and so on to Person C and beyond.



Record: 7,215 stamps

Holder: George Vavvas (Greece)

Location: Ionnina, Greece

That's not all: Vavvas began his collection in 2005 and has stamps from 119 different countries. A stamp's first day cover is a stamped envelope, postal card, or other postal material that was processed at the post office where the stamp was issued on its first day of issue, and has a cancellation indicating the same.


Australia cycle.jpg

Record: 37 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes

Holder: Reid Anderton (Australia)

Location: Start and end at Brisbane, Australia

That's not all: Anderton covered 14,178 km (8,809.78 miles) circling Down Under, hitting the road from March 10 to April 15. He rode to raise money for the Eagles Wings/Challenge for Change charities, registered in Australia and Zambia to raise awareness for disadvantaged children in southern Africa.



Record: 3.63 m (11 ft 9 in) in diameter

Holder: Beth Johnson (USA)

Location: La Rue, Ohio, USA

That's not all: The massive yo-yo - which Johnson has coined the "Whoa-Yo" - weighs 2,095.6 kg (4,620 lb) and took her more than three years to build and perfect. Required to be a working yo-yo, Johnson's creation crashed in three previous test attempts before finally functioning successfully from a crane on try No. 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!

There are a two ways to do this, including right here by choosing in our poll:

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Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!