What You Missed Last Week - our guide to some of the recent video highlights on our YouTube channels.

Greetings Guinness World Records Fans! My name's Adam and I eat, live and breathe everything video here at GWR Towers.

Each week I'll be here to tell you exactly what you missed last week across our YouTube channels.

I'll even give you links as a way of showing there's no hard feelings for missing it in the first place.

We all make mistakes sometimes…

Matti Hemmings really is a bit handy when it comes to riding a BMX.

I had the pleasure of pointing my camera at this flatland genius so you too can sit there and say "why aren't I that good at ANYTHING?"

Just to make you feel even worse about your terrible BMX skills, Matti also holds the Guinness World Records Title for the most BMX cliffhanger spins (one foot on the handlebars) in one minute. No need to rub it in, Matti…

It's Slo-Mo Test Lab! The show that points out just how under-evolved our puny human eyeballs are by filming AWESOME things, REALLY slowly.

In this installment, Bing meets the world's heaviest sportswoman, Sharron Alexander and even challenges her to a bit of a rumble. I like you, Bing. My money's on Sharron though…

It's time for a real blast from the past… Ultimate Guinness World Records takes a look back at some of the best action from our TV shows over the years.

Last week's highlights include some aquatically minded Frenchmen rolling a canoe and a Swedish presenter with an AWESOME BEARD.

The dynamic duo is back with yet more against-the-clock action… Can a second chance at pyramid tin can stacking give Marcus and Alfie the edge they need to break the record? POSSIBLY! Watch it.

Guinness World Records Classics is back and this time we travel to Italy to witness some incredible wheelchair skills… Seriously - the guy rides around on ONE WHEEL for a shave under 19 seconds. UNBELEIVEABLE.

Sticking to the one-wheeled theme (it's like we plan this stuff…) Oli is back On The Road to meet German unicycle WIZARD Lutz Eicholz. As well as World's Best Accent (not an actual record…) Lutz holds the Guinness World Records Title of Longest Distance Travelled Over Beer Bottles On A Unicycle. How did he get so good? Lutz of practice! No? Fine.

Well, there we have it. If that wasn't six reasons to stop whatever you're doing right now, I don't know what is.

Unless you're a heart surgeon or a firefighter or something. That stuff is IMPORTANT.

Until next week!