Sad news reached the Guinness World Records offices today, with confirmation that Stewie, the record holder for world's longest domestic cat, had passed away.

Stewie - full name Mymains Stewart Gilligan - lost his battle with cancer last night.

The eight-year-old from Nevada, US measured an incredible 48.5in when fully stretched out.

His owner Robin Hendrickson, who bought Stewie from a breeder in Hermiston, Oregon, in 2005, decided to enter him for the record after hearing countless friends say they were amazed by his length.

Stewie, a Maine Coon - known as 'the gentle giants' of the cat world - was a certified therapy animal that frequently visited a local senior centre near his home.

He also held the record for world's longest cat tail.

Describing her beloved pet earlier today, Robin said: "Stewie was always very social and loved meeting new people,"

"He has touched many lives, and for that I am grateful."

As a tribute, here, once again is Stewie's Record Holder Profile video which we filmed back in 2011.