Fan Choice: Record of the Year - vote now!

By Mike Janela
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Each week, Guinness World Records receives approximately 1,000 record applications.

Of those 50,000 or so applications per year, only about 3% ever know the glory of successfully breaking a record.

But now we want to take things even further. We're asking GWR followers around the world to pick their single favorite achievement of 2013.

It's the Guinness World Records Fan Choice: Record of the Year. And, of course, we made a bracket.

Here's how it works. Each week for the last 32 weeks, we've asked fans to vote for their favorite of five selected record achievements. We've compiled all 32 winners, seeded them according to the number of total votes they received in their winning week, and placed them in the bracket above.

(Note: some of the records above may have since been broken; but they were active at the time of their winning vote)

You'll be able to vote in each matchup below. To find out more about each entry, just click on the record name in the above bracket, and it will take you to the accomplishment's original Fan Choice appearance. There, you can learn who/what/where/why about each event, and see the competition it defeated en route to a place in this tournament of champions.

The timeline for the competition is as follows:

Dec. 6: Tournament opens

Dec. 12: Round of 16

Dec. 16: Quarterfinals

Dec. 20: Semifinals

Dec. 26: Finals

Dec. 31: Champion crowned

Here are all the matchups. They're listed in the same order as the bracket above, if read from top to bottom. So find your favorite battles, cast your vote now and share the link at the end of the story to get all your friends on the bandwagon.

Good luck and happy voting!