It’s not a stretch to say that for Scott Wiener, pizza is life.

The Brooklyn resident runs a professional pizza tour company, taking visitors to famous pizzerias around New York City.

He also claims to eat an average of 15 slices a week and has been collecting unique pizza boxes from around the world since 2009.

And now all his hard work has paid off with an official certification of his passion. In celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2013, Wiener has been certified as owning the largest collection of pizza boxes, with 595 different boxes.

“Growing up in suburban New Jersey, I assumed all pizzas were delivered in boring white boxes with dull red printing on top,” Wiener said. “But that’s clearly not the case according to the boxes I have amassed over the past few years.”

Wiener has collected most of the boxes himself, but he’s also been given pieces by friends, family, and customers on his pizza tour.

Pizza box story body.jpg

The collection – housed in Wiener’s apartment – includes contributions from 42 different countries that span four decades. Most boxes have been unused, but those that did once host a pizza are cleaned and then coated in polyurethane to ensure they’re able to be stored permanently.

Weiner even owns a box from the fellow record-breaking largest pizza commercially available, a 54-inch box he needed to transport from Los Angeles after he and some friends ordered the massive pie on a visit.

He’s also had a book published, titled “Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box.”

“I’m constantly exposed to pizzerias and people from around the world who love pizza,” Weiner said. “As the collection grew, I knew I wanted to set an official record with Guinness World Records.”