A full-time minister and professional musician for over 30 years, Dr. Mark Temperato (AKA RevM) describes himself as "an Agent of Rhythm" and is the owner of the world's largest drum set with 340 pieces.

The drum set features various quality drums, cymbals and other equipment combining over 50 different makes and models.

The set requires transport in a custom, carpeted 48ft, 18-wheel tractor trailer, and takes about three or four people 15 hours to set up.

Despite its impressive size, the set is all within reach while 56-year-old Dr. Temperato sits on his black Roc-n-Soc Lunar Drum Throne. "I have a long reach and stay in shape for all the swinging, extending and twisting. My solos can last 45 minutes or more!"

The drum set has taken over 35 years to build. "It is a lifelong endeavour," says Mark. "It is not just building something bigger because somebody else did it first. I eat and breathe this stuff. I can take months or years before I find the right addition to my set."

When asked how it feels to be Guinness World Records record holder, Mark replies, "I am so grateful and honoured… it gives me a chance to encourage others to make some history and do something worthy of world recognition. Not just to get attention but to allow their gifts and talents to blossom so show the world what they can really do!"

The full kit list is as follows: 103 Drums, 110 Cymbals, 2 Hi Hats, 4 Gongs, 20 Cowbells, 18 Clave & Blast Blocks, 10 Agogo Bells, Wood Block, 3 Round Chimes, Stick Chime, 5 Chime Tree's, Bell Tree, 3 Bells, 5 Tambourines, 2 Claves, 6 Shakers, 40in. Rain Stick, Vibra-Slap, 6 Maraca, 2 Jet Sticks, 2 Tambourine Sticks, 3 Afuche, 2 Triangles, 4 Castanets, Latin Whistle, Hand Clapper, LP Woodpecker, Thunder Tube, Guiro, LP Gong Mallet with extension rod, On Board Tool Kit, 4 Stick/Mallet Holders, 3 Drum Lug Ratchet's, Upright Stick Bag, Roc-N-Soc Lunar Throne w/back rest, 5 Nathan (K5HL) 150db Air Chime Train Horns and 2 Emtech Custom Ear Plug Sets (-13db & -25db).

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