For over 12 years, Darlene Flynn has been building a collection of 14,684 shoe-related items, which was recently verified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest.

It's not the first time Guinness World Records has paid Darlene a visit, either. Her collection was first verified in 2006, when she owned 7,765 footwear-themed items. She has doubled that in a matter of six years.

"It is awesome and a dream come true," Darlene says of being recognized by Guinness World Records.

Including items such as a replica of Cinderella's glass slipper and her treasured grandmother's wedding boot, Darlene's massive collection takes over the entire house, spilling over into the pool and bar areas as well.

The collection also spills over into her personal life, as her two dogs are named Shoesy-Q and Bootsy Shoebert.

But what is it about shoes that Darlene loves so much? "They are beautiful, they are feminine," Darlene notes. "My most favorites are the ones that are the most unique or the ones I bought in the different states and countries I traveled in."

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