Happy Independence Day, Brazil! 7 September is the anniversary of independence and to celebrate we are going to look at our Top Ten records from the world's fifth largest country.

1. Largest Samba band

Brazilians are famous for dancing and one of their most popular rythyms is samba which is considered part of their cultural identity, it is fitting then that the 1,038 people gathered in Republic Square, São Paulo to break this record on 17 April 2011.

2. Most consecutive association football victories in all competitions

Football is the national sport in Brazil and over the years they have produced many famous players like Pelé, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho and many great teams at international level. One of the country's best-supported clubs entered the record books last year, Coritiba FC won 24 straight games between 3 February to 5 May 2011.

3. Largest mural of kisses

Brazilians celebrate Valentine's Day on 12 June and this year commuters at one of São Paulo's busiest subway stations, Pinheiros Station, were invited by NIVEA Brasil to help break a romantic record. In total 13,316 people donated a kiss using lip balm to form this gigantic mural.

4. Longest career as a theatre director for the same production

Vado Souza has spent 40 years and 7 months directing, producing and starring in his one-man show 'O Navio Negreiro' (The Slave Ship) based on the famous poem by Castro Alves that helped lead to the abolishment of slavery in Brazil.

5. Largest Christmas tree structure

In the northern Brazilian town of Aracaju the guys at Energisa Sergipe - Distribuidora de Energia S/A presented the locals with a Christmas tree structure 127.99 metres (419.91 ft) tall that used over 25,000 lights.

6. Largest bread

Back in 2008, Joaquim Goncalves decided to celebrate Guinness World Records Day by baking the largest loaf of bread in the city of Curitiba. It weighed 1.571 tonnes (3,463 lb) enough to make approximately 30,000 sandwiches!

7. Largest beach garden

You can't mention Brazil without thinking of the beach and the beach in Santos is bordered by a garden which is 5.3 km (3.3 miles) long and has a total area of 218,800 m2 (2,355,143 ft2) making it the largest beach garden in the world.

8. Largest tropical rainforest

The Amazon rainforest covers nine different countries in total, spanning 6.475 million km2 (2.5 million miles2) with the largest part to be found within Brazil's borders.

9. Largest car mosaic

Brazil is the sixth-largest producer of cars and in April 2010, Volkswagen do Brasil, created a mosaic with 460 cars to celebrate the 30 th anniversary of the Volkswagen Gol.

10. Largest parade of floats

From cars to 'carros alegoricos' (carnival floats) and in this year's Corso do Zé Pereira in Teresina in northern Brazil some 343 floats took part in the 7.3 km (4.54 mi) parade to mark the 82 nd pre-carnival party offered by the city of Teresina.