The Food and Dining Services of Canada's McGill University (Montréal, Québec) carved up the record for the largest fruit salad this week.

Weighing in at 5078.88 kg (11,197 lb), the salad was contained in a large inflatable swimming pool.

The salad included approximately 5400 lb. of watermelons, 1200 lb. of cantaloupes, 900 lb. of honeydew melons, 2250 lb. of pineapples, 221 lb. of Quebec apples, 360 lb. of Quebec strawberries, 114 lb. of Quebec berries, 150 lb. of oranges, 150 lb. of grapefruits, 810 lb. of red and green grapes, 40 lb. of lemon juice, and 337 lb. of orange juice.

It took over 90 volunteers four hours to cut all of the fruit, which was then poured into the container.

The majority of the fruit was local, with 90% of that coming from the farm on one of McGill's own campuses.

Once the salad had been created, 7,000 lbs. of compost (rinds, peels, fruit that fell on the floor) was sent to the City of Montreal/McGill Compost, while the salad was served to about 2,000 students, in compostable containers with wooden forks.

The remaining salad was distributed to three local missions following the event, which provided local shelters and food banks with the food.