Despite some distinctly adverse weather conditions, there was nothing that could stop a record attempt in Australia last month for the largest ever toga party.

Organised and promoted by UQU (University of Queensland Union) and QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Guild, the more it rained, the more revellers poured in to the open-air party at Brisbane's Riverstage.

Fortunately the event had been promoted as 'rain, hail or shine', as by the time the participants made it through the front gate the toga-clad partygoers were soaked.

Toga parties have become a traditional way to end orientation week, and what an ending it was.

After three hours of placing numbered stickers on those taking part, a team of organisers working with Guinness World Records adjudicator Chris Sheedy were forced to call an end to registration as the rain became torrential.

The figure to beat was 2,166, a record set nearly a decade ago in Oregon, USA.

Toga certificate.jpg

News of an as-yet unofficial attempt in New Zealand with around 2,400 toga-clad attendees the very same week had also filtered through.

However, there were smiles all around as UQU and QUT Guild were confirmed as having 3,700 people dressed in togas.

The final number would undoubtedly be higher as merrymakers continued to enter for another hour, but Guinness World Records only accepts a count for which there is solid evidence.

When the official record announcement was made the massive, sodden crowd, looking as if it was populated by soggy citizens of Rome, went wild and fireworks popped and fizzed in the drizzle.