Besse Cooper, the world's oldest living person, passed away on Tuesday. She was 116.

Besse, from Monroe, Georgia, USA, was first certified as the world's oldest person by Guinness World Records, in conjunction with The Gerontology Research Group, in January 2011.

Born in Tennessee in 1896, Besse moved to Monroe, during World War One in search of work as a teacher. She married her husband Luther in 1924, and they had four children. She leaves behind 12 grandchildren and more than a dozen great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

Dina Manfredini of Johnston, Iowa, USA, inherits the title of oldest living person. Dina was born on April 4th 1897 in Italy and moved to the USA in 1920. She is 115.

"At 116 years and 100 days, Ms Cooper's extraordinary life places her among the ten oldest people ever verified in history, and one of only eight people to reach the age of 116," said Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

Besse Cooper certificate cropped
Pictured above: Besse is presented with her Guinness World Records certificate by Senior Gerontology Consultant Robert Young in 2011

"We were proud to celebrate the life of Ms Cooper in our most recent editions, and pleased that we were able to share the story of this remarkable woman."