Chinese construction equipment manufacturer SANY have reached new heights after setting a new record for the longest truck-mounted jib/boom/crane arm.

Measuring 86.177 m (282 ft 8.7 in), the truck-mounted concrete pump's incredible height was officially recognized during a Guinness World Records certificate presentation at the firm's Annual Summit in Hainan last month.

The achievement marks the third time that SANY have set a new benchmark for the record category.

They initially set the record in October 2007 with a boom measuring 66 m (216 ft. 6 in.), and then broke their own record two years later in August 2009 with a pump that measured 71.535 m (234 ft. 1.2 in.).

Fellow Chinese manufacturing company Zoomlion briefly held the title in September 2011, with a boom measuring 80.101 m (262 ft. 9.58 in.) before SANY reclaimed the record withtheir latest effort.


SANY's booms are generally used as concrete pumps for bridges, tall buildings, and other large structures, but the uses are not solely for construction purposes.

In keeping with the company's philosophy of humanitarianism, SANY donated a 62-m truck-mounted concrete pump to the Tokyo Electric Power Company to use for water injection cooling at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, which was severely affected following the devastating earthquake in early 2011.

Tokyo Electric Power Company had originally intended to purchase the pump, but SANY instead donated the US $1 million machine in order to aid Japan and help to defuse the nuclear crisis.