Guinness World Records presented a plaque to Besse Cooper, the 'World's Oldest Living Person' to mark her 115 th birthday last Friday at her residence in Monroe, Georgia.

Senior Gerontology Consultant, Robert Young was on site to re-issue the official title and certificate formally, as Besse had briefly lost the designation to Brazilian Maria Gomes Valentim on May 18 th.

After Valentim's passing on June 21 st, Besse was reinstated as the 'World's Oldest Living Person' at 114-years-old.

Born in Tennessee in 1896, Besse Cooper moved to Monroe, Georgia during World WarOnein search of work as a teacher.

She married her husband Luther in 1924, and they had four children. Today, she has 12 grandchildren and more than a dozen great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

Besse portrait.jpg

Her secret to longevity? "I mind my own business," Cooper says. "And I don't eat junk food."

A small birthday celebration was held on Friday where fifteen to twenty close friends gathered to enjoy cake while musician Mike Cronic serenaded the partygoers with "Tennessee Waltz."

Besse Cooper is now in a very elite group of super centenarians who have reached the age of 115. Senior Gerontology Consultant Robert Young noted, "Only 22 persons have indisputably turned 115 in the past. More than 75 have reached 114, so "115" is the real marquis milestone."