Thousands of schoolchildren helped set a new record for the largest single-dancer lion dance display in Changhua,Taiwan at the weekend.

A total of 3,971 children from 54 different schools across the region took part in the attempt at Changhua Stadium on Saturday.

The attempt was the culmination of at least six months training for the children with some having prepared for as long as three years.

Lion dance 2.jpg

Lion dancing is a long-lived Chinese tradition. Often mistaken for a dragon, it is usually performed by dancers moving underneath the lion head as if a puppet moving to the beat of the drums.

The attempt saw the children perform a "Southern Lion Routine", which was developed specifically by the Changhua County Lion and Dragon Dance Campaign Committee for primary school children.

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The synchronized performance lasted approximately six minutes (although the duration required by the guidelines was just five minutes) and was overseen by 221 supervisors.

Lion dance 3.jpg

The children were arranged in a line along the length of the stadium, with each child allocated a numbered position.

The stadium was then divided into 221 rectangular sections with one supervisor each checking the execution of the performance.

Lion dance 4.jpg

All children successfully completed the routine with no participants disqualified.

The record attempt formed part of the celebrations leading up to the 2011 Changhua National Games which take place next month.