A new record for the world's largest coffee bean mosaic was set in Tirana, Albania earlier this month.

The piece of art was commissioned by Lori Caffe, one of Albania's main coffee companies, and was created by serial record breaker and world-renowned mosaic artist Saimir Strati.

cofee bean mosaic.jpg

Saimir, who started building his mosaic on 10 November, 2011, used over 1 million beans that were brought in from Brazil, India and Venezuela, with different types of roasted bean, from light to French roast, which defined the colour of the characters represented in the mosaic.

The piece portrayed five continents, with the mosaic featuring a Brazilian dancer, a Japanese drummer, a U.S. country music singer, a European accordionist and an African drummer.

The whole work was completed on 11 December 2011 and measured 25,18 square meters.

mosaic 3.jpg

Saimir says he wanted to his incredible mosaic to convey the message of "One world, one family, over a cup of coffee.

The new record brings another title to his collection, adding to Saimir's records for the largest cork mosaic, the largest metal nail mosaic, the largest paint brush mosaic and the largest screw artwork.