record holders for fastest circumnavigation by tandem bicycle standing behind their tandem bike in the english countryside

Attempt a record for Guinness World Records Day

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Day celebrates the extraordinary achievements of ordinary people all over the world. Be a part of the celebrations this year by making your own history.

Stay tuned for application information for Guinness World Records Day 2021 (Wednesday 17 November) to find out information about how to apply for and attempt an official Guinness World Records title on GWR Day.

More about GWR Day

Applications for GWR Day 2020 have now closed

Stay tuned for more information on other ways to get involved with GWR Day 2021 (Wednesday 17 November). 

You can also follow the action on social media using the hashtag #GWRday!

Social Media

If you're getting involved with GWR Day, remember to share pictures and videos of your attempt with us on social media!