Internet Marketing Association

The Results

2M+ social media impressions
44K+ social media engagements
12K+ total conference views (10/2 - 10/27, 2020)

The Brief

Each year, the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) hosts a conference to bring together leaders in the digital marketing space to discuss the latest industry trends and updates.  For its 2020 conference, IMA decided to take the event online and wanted to do something fun and unique to engage and excite attendees.

The Solution

IMA enlisted GWR and set out to attempt an online record title for the largest attendance for a virtual marketing conference in one week.  To promote the attempt, IMA featured the GWR Official Attempt logo on their website, social platforms, and via an email blast.

As attendees joined the conference on event day, an official adjudicator monitored the count remotely to track results. Once the record results were confirmed, IMA received a personalized adjudication video featuring official judge Michael Empric announcing the final record results. 

To announce the achievement, IMA issued a press release and celebrated by sharing the adjudication video on its social channels and to IMA members via an email blast.  Watch the official adjudication video here: 

In our two-decade history, this event was the most thrilling, exciting, challenging yet motivating experience for IMA to date. The outcome was filled with hope, enthusiasm, reinvention and opportunity. In the process of building the ultimate Marketing Conference, we also won the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for largest virtual marketing conference in one week, with over 11,000 engagements.

— Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association