Twin Galaxies video game submission area now open for records!

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Guinness World Records is pleased to announce a new partnership with Twin Galaxies, offering gamers a new way to have their record attempts verified.

Twin Galaxies has been a world authority on videogame scores, statistics, tournament results and player rankings for over 34 years, with their facts and figures used throughout the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition books.
As part of our partnership, a new section of the Twin Galaxies website has been opened, dedicated to Guinness World Records video game challenges.
Submissions for the challenges will be placed on a leaderboard, which will be reviewed on a regular basis.
A countdown timer at the top of each challenge page indicates when the leaderboard will next be reviewed. All players in the #1 leaderboard positions at that point will be confirmed as a Guinness World Records title holder and sent an official certificate!
Check out the current open challenges below, and keep checking back as new ones will be added on a regular basis.


Rocket League

Ready to show off to the world your skills at the arcade football multiplayer car game? We've opened a new category for Most goals scored in a game.

Minecraft - Twin-Galaxies

Minecraft Pocket Edition

You'll need quick-fire building skills to top the leaderboard for this blockbuster challenge. Take on the record for Most sandcastles built in 3 minutes here.

FIFA 17 - TG


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Calling all experts of Konami's action-adventure stealth game  - head here for your chance to make a piece of gaming history controlling Venom Snake with an attempt for Most enemies stunned using the decoy balloon in 3 minutes record. (Please note - this challenge is for console versions of the game only)

Fifa-14-Twin-Galaxies challenge pic


Soccer sharp-shooters - can you set the record for Highest margin of victory against an AI opponent on EA Sports' classic football simulator? Head here to take on the challenge.