Women holding a certificate from Guiness World Records

March is Women’s History Month and Guinness World Records join in commemorating and celebrating the incredible feats and achievements of women who make history by breaking boundaries and world records for themselves, their companies, and communities.

Here are the stories of some extraordinary women who have made a difference in the world in recent times:

Lori Keeton (USA) - Longest time spent surfing a wave (female)

Lori during attempt to raise awareness for Wake for Warriors

Lori Keeton has not only led and grown her business Floors for You to serve her community in Indiana but has recently shattered the Guinness World Records title for longest time spent surfing a wave (female) after surfing on Raccoon Lake in Rockville, Indiana for a total of eight hours on 8 June 2021.

Lori’s record tripled the past woman’s record and more than doubled the current men’s record.

As an aunt to three nephews in the marines, Lori had planned and trained for this attempt for three years to raise awareness and funds for Wake for Warriors, a non-profit organization that teaches veterans and their families water sports.

Nubank (Brazil) - Most people unboxing simultaneously


Female co-founded Brazilian bank is breaking records and innovating the banking system. 

Cristina Junqueria is the co-founder of Nubank, a top technology and financial company in Latin America, who led her team to break the record for most people unboxing simultaneously with a total of 460 people in October 16, 2018 at the Rebouças Convention Center in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

"Nubank was created with the aim of redefining people's relationship with money, implementing a more efficient and transparent experience. Our objective is to fight against complexity and give people autonomy, bringing control of Brazilian finances into their hands. Since the beginning, everything we do is done together with our customers and the launch of our card could not be different. This is why achieving this record together with customers is so honorable for us.”, said Cristina. Junqueira, co-founder of Nubank.

While this title now belongs to Xiaomi Inc (USA), Nubank’s feat is still one to remember. Read our original article in Portuguese here.

Viridiana Álvarez Chávez (Mexico): fastest ascent of the top three highest mountains with supplementary oxygen


Viridiana’s passion and commitment took her to scale the world's highest mountains: Mount Everest (aka Sagarmāthā; Chomolungma) at 8,848 m (29,029 ft), the infamous second-tallest peak K2 (8,611 m; 28,251 ft), and the third-highest mountain Kangchenjunga (8,856 m; 28,169 ft) in a record-breaking time of 1 year 364 days, just beating the two-year mark.

“My career as a mountaineer started with an unusual and inspirational purpose: a simple personal challenge to exercise, but I ended up giving up my office job; risking comfort to experience the magic of the mountains.

It was proof that dreams do not have to be lifelong dreams and that anyone who sets them can achieve even what are considered ‘unattainable goals,’ such as breaking a world record,” Viridiana said.

In addition to mountaineering, Viridiana serves as a public speaker during youth conferences and events to promote a message of breaking paradigms.

With her work, she highlights the importance of emotional intelligence, a positive attitude, discipline, and consistency to achieve goals.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) (Germany), becomes first company in the world to break two record titles on diversity and inclusion.


Companies and organizations around the world are increasingly investing in internal training and employer preparation to become more inclusive and attract skilled, diverse talent.

German transportation company, Deutsche Bahn (DB), set two brand new records that shine a spotlight on diversity and inclusion: most viewers for an online diversity and inclusion live stream on a bespoke platform and most users to take an online diversity and inclusion webinar in 24 hours.

Hiring with diversity and inclusion (D&I) in mind is crucial to developing female leadership.

In their own D&I agenda, DB are addressing many issues, including generational and cultural diversity, but a major pillar in their strategy is working towards gender equality.

Congratulations to these amazing record holders! We can’t wait to see many more female leaders raise the bar even higher and smash new and exciting Guinness World Records titles.

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