What better way to celebrate a record achievement than by sharing it with the world!

With over 40 million cumulative followers across the Guinness World Records (GWR) social channels, our ever-growing digital community is always looking for new and exciting content to keep them entertained and informed on the latest record feats.

When it comes to brands breaking world records, our creative and digital teams are experts at creating custom content that seamlessly fits on our channels while best amplifying the brands’ campaign.  

From reach and engagement to video views and more, check out how these sponsored posts became among the top performing on GWR’s owned channels:

BUSH’S® Beans – Largest layered dip

Renowned food brand, Bush’s Baked Beans came to Guinness World Records with the intention of making stand-out, newsworthy content for the Super Bowl. Playing with the foodie ideas of pop culture, they attempted the world’s largest layered dip to make a big impact on social media, comprised of different layers of their products.

With slots on our Facebook and Instagram channels, the highly visual images communicated their achievement while also showcasing a vast variety of their canned goods.

This ideal combination caused their social engagement to soar, with nearly 10,000 interactions and a reach of 330,000 across both digital platforms. The creativity in their presentation, and high-quality images allowed for their brand moment to be bigger than ever ahead of Game Day.


Green Giant – Largest serving of green bean casserole

For their record-breaking campaign, the canned food company wanted to represent their iconic Thanksgiving recipe in true “giant” form.

Creating the largest serving of green bean casserole, the brand allowed for the Guinness World Records filming team to come in to capture the creation of the process from start to finish, helping to not only tell the story of the record, but also share the mouth-watering results.

On social media, the striking assets of the American classic dish spoke for itself, and the brand made sure to communicate the giving spirit of the holiday season in all content by announcing their donation of the casserole to 3,000 New Yorkers in need.

 Using visual media to share a heartwarming story, their posts received above the 250,000 mark in reach, and positive engagement from those who appreciated the hallmark occasion.


Bob Hutcheson - Oldest waterskier (male)

Often times, the top-performing social media posts for clients are the ones that showcase individuals going after their own personal record achievement. 94-year-old Bob Hutcheson was no different, as he decided to wow the digital realm by becoming the world’soldest waterskier (male).

Capturing footage from several angles, the variety allowed our team to make an edit that performed highly across our Instagram and Facebook pages. Users were amazed to see the athleticism of the Canadian who also happened to be battling cancer.

During the pandemic, Bob’s family helped to self-record his emotional, on-camera reaction to receiving his official Guinness World Records certificate. This genuine element of vulnerability and heartfelt transparency allowed for users to connect with Bob on a human level, while also celebrating his record-breaking moment.

The uplifting spirit and personal triumphs of the record holder created exceptionally moving content, to the tune of nearly 320,000 video views and widespread national PR coverage.


Reese’s Take 5 – Largest chocolate nut bar

Reese’s set forth to break their very first record title using one of their popular candy bars: the Take 5.

With a mission to take Snickers’ record for the largest chocolate nut bar and make a big splash in digital media, the company worked with our creative team to develop a curated shot list they could use to capture assets on the day of the attempt.

Following those guidelines to a tee, Reese’s delivered stellar content - including a timelapse video, multiple angles of the candy creation process, snaps of the celebratory final record confirmation, with action images that included confetti and bright colors.

When users scrolled quickly through their social timelines, it was these factors that helped their video to perform above average across our owned media, with over 13,000 video views on Twitter alone. With passionate fans of the brand witnessing the colossal feat, they were quick to marvel and engage with the content that was nothing short of a sweet tooth’s dream - amplifying Reese’s campaign to the next level.


Polsky’s Strength & Conditioning & Ted Hastings – Most t-shirts worn at once

When it comes to high-performing social media content, it’s safe to say the bigger the better. Our team worked with Polsky’s Strength and Conditioning gym and dad-of-two Ted Hastings to create just that for the record most T-shirts worn at once.

Polsky’s Strength & Conditioning followed the individual achievement path by offering their facilities for the record attempt and allowed Ted to shine as the inspiration for the record-breaking event. The Canadian dad wanted to teach his kids to work hard, commit, and follow through to the end, and he decided that setting an eye-catching Guinness World Records title was just the way to do so.

Because of the striking nature of the record, this content was the perfect storm for owned media. As a motivating story, coupled with an attempt online users felt compelled to watch until the end, the sponsored video from the event has become one of the most widely watched on our channels, earning 13 million views on just on Facebook.

By taking time to organize the attempt and develop a very strong creative plan and record concept, the gym facilities and Ted were able to accomplish exactly what they set out to – becoming digital sensations and sharing the idea that anything is possible.

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