Marketing week live Fastest time to stack a 20 brick right angle LEGO tower

Marketing professionals have been building up to a brand new Guinness World Records title which was unveiled at Marketing Week Live.

Industry aces took part to attempt the Fastest time to stack a 20 brick right angle LEGO tower (two hands) over the course of the two-day event which ran from 7-8 March in London, UK.

The result? A new record with a fastest time of 17.301 seconds!

Marketing week live 1

The record attempt was inspired by previous work with Land Rover to create the Largest LEGO sculpture (most bricks), with a replica of the iconic London landmark, Tower Bridge. 

The idea was designed to inspire brands to think about how they can use their upcoming product launches, anniversaries, CSR or community engagement and create campaigns that stand out from the crowd and be Officially Amazing.

The challenge proved hugely popular with attendees and official attempts taking place every hour during the event. 

The record attempt provided the team with an opportunity to engage with marketing professionals from across the industry and to showcase their record-breaking creative campaign solutions, designed to create engaging, shareable and results-driven content!

Marketing week live 2

Did you know? 58 brands made it into Guinness World Records 2018

Guinness World Records' Senior Production Manager, Fiona Gruchy-Craven, was interviewed by the Marketing Week Live team at the event. Here’s what she had to say about record-breaking.

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