Jeremy Lanig (USA) loves to eat oodles of noodles.  

The food enthusiast is an English language teacher based in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, where he is surrounded by one of his all-time favourite obsessions: udon noodles.   

After going head to head with an insanely big bowl of udon noodles - 10 normal bowls to be exact - Jeremy managed to achieve the record for most udon noodles eaten in three minutes.

Despite the messy slurping, Jeremy conquered 1,116 g (39 oz) of noodles in the allotted time frame navigating the huge bowl of slippery, thick noodles with dexterity. 

He did this attempt in celebration of his 40th birthday.  


Like most title holders, Jeremy’s motivation to accomplish this feat went beyond the record.

He wanted to help promote the culture of Sanuki udon, the type of udon noodle most popular in the Kagawa prefecture in Japan.  

Jeremy has had lots of practice eating Sanuki udon as he has lived in Japan for over 13 years.  

These kinds of noodles are particularly challenging to eat in a hurry as they are known for being thick and chewy.  


Typically these noodles are made with flour, salt, water, and served in a dashi broth.  

Although this is Jeremy’s first Guinness World Records title, he plans to keep doing as much as he can to bring awareness to classic Japanese food and culture.  

Jeremy joins a big Guinness World Records community of speed eaters, including Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco (USA), L.A. Beast (USA), and Takeru Kobayashi (Japan).