Xu Changqing from China has just netted arguably one of the most impressive basketball records ever, after achieving the Most consecutive basketball half-court shots with a jaw-dropping total of six.
The incredible attempt took place in a basketball stadium in Xi'an, Shaanxi in China in front of a cheering audience.
The Guinness World Records guidelines state that for consecutive shots to count, the ball must travel through the hoop when thrown from the half way line and shots must continuously go in the hoop one after another.
Most consecutive basketball half court shots Xu
Xu smashed the previous record of four which was set first by Eric Valentin (USA) at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on 14 January 2011 and then later matched by Adam Beatrice (USA) at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on 10 April 2011.
Speaking of his achievement, Xu said: "I feel so excited to get this record! I play basketball mainly because it's healthy and joyful. I think winning the game is not the only focus. I enjoy self-fulfillment that basketball has brought to me and the pursuit for excellence is my biggest motivation to carry on with practicing. Meanwhile, this will help influence people around me to join in the exercising which could help enrich the culture atmosphere in my company."
Most consecutive basketball half court shots certificate presentation
Rowan Simons, president of Guinness World Records Greater China, presented a certificate to Xu and said: "I’m very excited to present this certification. This is an amazing record successfully attempted by an ordinary person instead of a professional basketball player, and it perfectly shows Guinness World Records’ values of encouraging ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary records. We hope to see more and more records that are accomplished with hobbies and unremitting efforts, and to introduce them to the whole world.” 
Most consecutive basketball half court shots China
Xu joins a growing number of incredible sportsmen who have earned a place in the history books for their amazing trick shots.
In May this year, sports entertainment group Dude Perfect achieved a multitude of records including the Farthest trampette basketball shot, which was set by Tyler Toney with 21.95 m (72 ft), and the Longest basketball shot made blindfolded, which was broken by Cody Jones with a distance of 21.64 m (71 ft).
On Guinness World Records Day last year, renowned exhibition basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters scored seven basketball titles. One of the most impressive was the Most basketball slam dunks by an individual in one minute which was achieved by Zeus McClurkin (USA) with a grand total of 15.