Last week's debut episode of "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" certainly brought us some interesting characters and record attempts.

But while that show relied mostly on individuals with unique talents or who were able to tolerate pain, this week's showing brought us a few individuals who downright toed the line between danger and insanity - all of which made for some great watching!

Most melons sliced on the stomach in one minute

We wasted no time getting into a perilous situation with the first attempt of the night. Sinn Bodhi, who's spent much of his life wielding a sword, attempted to slice watermelons clean in two on the bare stomach of his volunteer Hunter.

The trick here, of course, was to slice the melons strongly enough that they would split but gently enough to - well - to not turn poor Hunter's insides into fruit salad.

Unfortunately, Bodhi failed to slice enough melons completely in half to hit the record total of 27. Fortunately, Hunter escaped with nary a scratch.

Most live cockroaches held in the mouth

Anytime a participant says he threw up a few times while practicing his record, you know you're in for a good attempt.

In this case, it was zookeeper Sean Murphy attempting to keep the most live cockroaches in his mouth at once. Using what was described as the "pouch technique" - aka placing the cockroaches on the inside pouches of the cheek first - Murphy blew past the previous mark of 16 with a new record 21 live cockroaches held in the mouth. Watching official adjudicator Stuart Claxton count the living bugs by hand to ensure they were all still alive was a fun reminder that working for Guinness World Records is definitely not a normal day job. If you have the stomach for it, check out the attempt.

Fatigue set in

The middle of the episode brought us two participants who needed all of their energy stores to complete their attempts. Chris Poli set out to kick the most objects off of people's heads in a minute (choosing cardboard popcorn containers) while Becca Swanson aimed to throw the most domestic appliances in one minute by a female (choosing 75 lb/34 kg refrigerators).

Unfortunately, both attempts fell short, as each participant understandably succumbed to fatigue after great starts at their respective attempts and fell short of their target numbers. Watch as Swanson tried getting the best of some fridges.

Most nuts crushed by sitting down in one minute

The jokes and puns were easy to make for this record, as Rod Edmondson channeled his human nutcracker. But once the attempt started, we saw it was no laughing matter.

Edmonson attacked the walnuts by essentially crab-walking and squatting to the floor repeatedly for 60 seconds. His goal? At least 76 nuts. The catch? Each one had to be crushed individually and separately. And that is where Edmonson met his failure.

It was first announced that he crushed open 82 walnuts. But after checking various slow-motion replays, it was deemed that Edmonson only cracked 75 of them according to the guidelines, one short of tying the record. Nutcracking turned heartbreaking.

Most arrows caught blindfolded in two minutes

A fan favorite record attempt, and why not? Watching somebody try to pluck shooting arrows out of the sky blindfolded is something out of a comic book movie or The Matrix.

As pointed out by the attempting brothers Brandon and Tyler Burke, the key here was to listen for the whooshing sound of the arrow and attempting to time the catch to the sound. The timing wasn't right on this night, though, as the brothers needed four catches and only managed three.

One thought to consider - how did the brothers decide who would get to shoot the arrows and who would catch them? Seems like one role is a bit preferable to the other.

Highest shallow dive

Tonight's main event saw longtime record holder Darren Taylor, aka "Professor Splash," attempt to break a record in a category he has owned for nearly a decade.

The highest shallow dive requires its attempter to jump from as high as possible into a pool of water no more than 12 inches deep. Taylor has mastered the technique, first breaking the record in 2005. Since then, he had incrementally increased his own height 16 times.

On "Gone Wild!" though, he really ratcheted up the anxiety. In his last three successful attempts at the record, Taylor had only increased the number by a combined 3.54 inches. In this episode, he was looking to add another 5-plus inches on this attempt alone. As usual, it was a "splashing" success, you might say, for one of GWR's evermore iconic record holders - a new record of 37 feet, 2 inches.

Melons were sliced, arrows were caught, refrigerators were thrown - I'm not sure how next week's episode can top this, but I have a feeling we're in store for a lot of the same great attempts, so be sure not to miss out.

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays at 8 ET/PT on truTV.

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