After last week's debut episode saw 1.4 million people tune in to "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" on truTV, Stuart, Liz, Dan and Zach are ready to welcome another batch of amazing record breakers for episode two of TV's most exciting new show.

But before we highlight what to expect in episode No. 2, be sure to download episode 1 for free on iTunes if you live in the U.S. by clicking the following (available for download until Feb. 19):

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Once you're all caught up there, you can expect a great variety of records attempted on this week's episode, which airs on truTV Thursday night at 8 ET/PT.

The scheduled record attempts cover three of the most popular areas of skill we find among Guinness World Records holders: strength, precision, and audacity.

Among the strongmen (and women) are attempts at the most appliances thrown (female) and the most nuts crushed by sitting down in one minute. Expect to see the limits of full-body strength with refrigerator toss after refrigerator toss in the former, and a humorous yet engaging take on gluteal strength in the latter.

As for the precise, surely you've sliced watermelon at a summer party before? But have you ever done so while those watermelons sat on someone else's stomach? You won't want to miss an attempt at the most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute. One misstep could make for some very interesting television!

In that same regard, look out for attempts at the most items kicked off people's heads in a minute and most arrows caught blindfolded, both of which are sure to leave you with fingers crossed that someone doesn't receive a foot to the head or, appropriately, an arrow through their own fingers.

And lastly, you'll be the one kicking yourself if you miss two of the more daring attempts scheduled for Thursday. If watching a one man try to fit the most live cockroaches in the mouth doesn't do it for you, then certainly watching someone attempt the highest shallow dive will. To get you in the mood, check out current highest shallow dive record holder, Professor Splash, showing us exactly what we're in for:

Certainly not for the faint of heart!

So, who will succeed? Who will fall short of their dream? And, really, why would anybody try to catch speeding arrows blindfolded?

Tune in Thursday night for all the answers! And don't forget to follow @GWR on Twitter during the show - where we'll be live tweeting the action - and to continue the conversation at Then be sure to come right back to for a full episode recap on Friday.