People use so many different parts of the body when attempting world records. Already on "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" this season, we've seen the stomach used as a melon slicing board, the hands used as blindfolded arrow catchers and even the backside as a cushion for jump roping.

But on this week's episode of "Gone Wild!" look for a focus on one particular area of the body: the head.

Episode No. 4 of the hit new show from Guinness World Records and truTV brings us a cast of competitors focused on breaking records from the neck up, as well as a couple of other attempts sure to entertain.

Expect to see one participant attempt to use the head as blunt object when crushing the most watermelons with the head in a minute. He looks pretty focused in the photo above, but will he leave with a new record?

Moving down the face, we'll also watch currency stored as never before with an attempt at the most quarters held…in the nose!

The focus then shifts to the mouth for a trio of records that all use the same body part but vary greatly.

Teeth cans story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

Above, one man will try to tear off the most drink can tops with the teeth in one minute. Then be sure to break out the stopwatch for an attempt at the longest burp. Time to beat is an impressive 1 min 13 sec. And we conclude above the jawline with someone trying to burst the most hot water bottles using just the breath in one minute.

In addition to all that, two more record attempts will round out the night with a more ambitious use of the full body.

One lucky (or unlucky, if they lose their footing) person will try to run the fastest crossing of a greased pole. Will they be able to recover from tumbles like the one below?

Greased pole story body.jpg

Photo courtesy truTV

And also get ready for a record attempt straight from the Super Mario Bros. with the most people hit with plungers in one minute.

All in all, it should be another exciting hour of people giving new meaning to the term "use your head" and trying to prove why they're Officially Amazing.

Make sure to follow along as we live tweet the action on @GWR and to talk about all your favorite records at Then come right back here on Friday for a full recap.

"Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" airs Thursdays in the U.S. at 8 ET/PT on truTV.