desalination plant cycle image

From the heart of the desert, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation SWCC (Saudi Arabia) have created the world’s lowest energy consumption for a water desalination plant.

Desalination, in simple terms, is the process of removing salt and minerals from sea water in order to produce drinking water suitable for human consumption.

Water lake in the middle of the desert

Desalination nowadays is turning into a reliable source of clean water that tackles the water scarcity that many nations face. 

Esmaeil Ahmadi and a fellow researcher back in 2020 highlighted that more than 150 countries around the world now use the process of desalination to create salt free water. 

What are the drawbacks of desalination?

The main drawback when it comes to desalination is its high energy consumption, which results in high costs and environmental harm.

This is where the famous proverb of "Necessity is the mother of invention" comes into play.

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation SWCC (Saudi Arabia) took in upon themselves to combat this problem. 

Water desalination in Saudi Arabia

How does the technology for the low energy consumption water desalination plant work?

The ProfMaster 5K/day mobile desalination plant, located in Jubail city, uses an eco-friendly reverse osmosis (RO) technology which results in the reduced total power consumption.

The plant is capable of producing a total of 5,000 M3/day, but only consumes 2.271 kWh per cubic meter of desalinated water.

This decreased power use results in lower costs and minimizes the environmental impact of their desalination process.

An engineer powering the lowest power consumption plant in the world

SWCC has been heavily investing in research and engineering to improve their design, efficiency, low-energy consuming and flexibility. 

All of the hard work paid off with their new enhanced and record-breaking plant.

SWCC said following their achievement "we utilized the efforts of our national cadres who were at the centre of this new global record that enhanced the operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption to unprecedented levels."

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