Collage images from an attempt that saw multiple nationalities planting trees

The society of Qatar gathered in a green attempt to break the world record for the most nationalities planting trees simultaneously.

With 66 nationalities, the Public Works Authority – ASHGHAL (Qatar) achieved the milestone on the 9th of October in Doha, Qatar.

Aerial view of people planting trees

The attempt was part of an aptly named campaign "Plant Million Trees" which aims to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

The campaign also invited kids in their mission to plant one million tress across the country to help improve the quality of life, improve air quality through minimizing carbon emissions and protect the environment.

The Ministry of Education also encouraged students to volunteer to help preserve the environment.

Attempting to achieve the most nationalities planting trees simultaneously

In addition to students, many governmental and private entities of Qatar have been involved in the campaign to read the goal.

'Ashghal' is not new to record-breaking achievements. Last year they managed to break two world records.

  • Longest continuous cycle path: 32.869 km (20.4 miles) long and 7 meters (22.96 foot) wide
  • Longest piece of asphalt concrete laid continuously: 25.275 km (15.7 miles)

The Qatari society planting trees simultaneously

Looking for some more record-breaking greenery? Here are a few:

  • Largest flower architectural structure: 37.66 m (123 ft 6 in) long, 26.06 m (85 ft 5 in) wide and 23.45 m (76 ft 11 in) tall. This was achieved by Anren Overseas Chinese Town Jin Xiu Anren Flower Park (China) in 2019. The structure represented a castle that took around 70 days to complete using 74,000 pots containing different plants and flowers.
  • Largest tree hug: 4,620 people. This was achieved by Asianet News Network Pvt. Ltd. (India) at JNTBGRI back in 2017 in an event titled 'My Tree, My Life'.
  • Largest flower petal carpet: 5,360 m² (57,694.33 ft²), achieved by the Ministry of Tolerance and Globerz Entertainments (both UAE). Multiple children and adults in different groups gathered to create the design of he petals using 42,000 kg of flowers.