The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ recently managed to break two new world records in the State of Qatar.

Finding an ideal bike route can be a challenging task for biker. The main two components when it comes to a great bike route is the length and smoothness.

Some can argue that Ashghal managed to create a great route with their first record break achievement, the world’s longest continuous cycle path

The path measured 32.869 km (20.4 miles) long and 7 meters (22.96 foot) wide.

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In addition, Ashghal broke another record for the longest piece of asphalt concrete laid continuously in the world measuring at 25.275 km (15.7 miles).

The Olympic Cycling Track was part of Ashghal’s plan to create a network of cycling paths. With the safety of riders in mind, the path was designed to be completely separated from any roads.

The path gives the cyclists the chance to reach as speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles/hour). With 29 underpasses and 5 bridges, cyclist can enjoy non-stop riding.


The path also features 100 benches and 20 areas for resting. To encourage cycling at night, Ashghal implemented 1,450 street lamps along the path.

The project also aims to raise health awareness around the importance adapting a healthy lifestyle such as practicing exercise.

The project showed multiple cooperation efforts between various departments in Ashghal.


For their second record, Ashghal had to work at avery fast pace to complete the longest piece of asphalt.

Within 27 days, including 10-days of continuous work, a 65-kilometer-long stretch was paved, resulting in a record-breaking achievement.

H E Dr. Eng. Saad bin Ahmed Al Muhannadi, President of Ashghal, stated after smashing two “We are pleased and honored to have this achievement added to Qatar’s records.’’

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