British Army troops pull van almost 50 miles to raise money for charity

By Amanda Tang

On 5th March 2020, 12 troops from the 3 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), put themselves to the test my attempting to break a brand-new record for the farthest distance pulling a vehicle in 12 hours (team)

3 Regiment RLC are currently based at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. 

The Regiment is responsible for providing all aspects of logistic support to 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade.

The attempt involved dragging a vehicle, which weighed nearly 4,000 pounds, around Blenheim Palace, Oxford (UK). 

A team of 12 alternated shifts every 10-20 minutes to pull the vehicle. 

Despite the gruelling challenge, 3 Regiment RLC were successful in their attempt for the farthest distance pulling a vehicle in 12 hours (team), and managed an incredible 76.38 km (47.46 miles). 

The attempt started at 10pm on 4 March 2020 and finished in the morning on 5 March 2020. 


The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness and support two important causes close to their hearts. 

ABF: The Soldiers’ Charity is the British Army’s national charity. 

Since 1944, it has been providing a lifetime of support for soldiers, veterans and their families. 

Mental health awareness charity, Mind, provides advice and support to empower anyone suffering with mental health issues. 

It works towards improving services and promoting better understanding in wider communities to ensure that everyone can access the right support.


The troops of 3 Regiment RLC set their minds on a record title that can relate to their heritage of the tug of war and pulling heavy objects.

"It's been emotional," said Captain Jonathan Kinahan of 3 Regiment RLC. 

"It's been a lot more difficult than I think we originally thought it would be. It was hard, it was dark, it was cold, it was miserable," 

When the sun came up, things started to change a little bit for the better, we could actually see our surroundings, which was nice,"

"So yeah, it's been a long night... As for the van, I never want to see it ever again!"


When initially inquiring for the record title, the troops realized that they may not be able to carry out the attempt in the way that they had envisioned. 

Support came from DHL who kindly sponsored the event, as well as the van used to break the world record. 


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