Sticky Brand Creative Group pushes world's largest ball of stickers

It’s official!

Sticky Brand Creative Group (USA) has achieved the record title for the largest ball of stickers as of 11 November 2020.

Sticky Brand Creative Group – a Vermont based company specializing in custom-made stickers, decals, and design services – took on this record challenge to highlight its continued commitment to high environmental standards.

Sticker application during record attempt

The record-breaking ball is made up of 250,000 recycled Sticky Brand stickers that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, which feature the logos of brands such as Osprey and Cabot Cheese.

"Though we try to be as green as possible in our production process, there's inevitably a small amount of misprints and defective stickers that cannot be sold, " says Sticky Brand Creative Group CEO Michael Rist.

CEO takes photo with largest ball of stickers

"With this in mind, we wanted to make something creative and fun out of what would otherwise be waste or sitting in boxes in our basement – that's when our team dreamed up the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title idea.”

Weighing a whopping 139.82 kg (308.25 lb), the massive sticker balls’ confirmed weight smashed the previous record of 105.052 kg (231.6 lbs) that was set by an individual in Colorado in 2016. 

Largest ball of stickers being weighed

The circumference of the record-breaking sticker ball was also measured at 7 feet and 1.1875 inches.

Circumference of ball being measured

The construction of the ball took over two weeks to complete with 91.22 person-hours of labor, but ended up being a fun team-building exercise for the brand which brought together their employees over many late nights fueled by coffee and pizza.

Now that the record has been confirmed, Sticky Brand Creative Group is eager to have customers add stickers to the world’s largest ball of stickers

Brand employees cheers to record achievement

"The sky's the limit in terms of how many stickers we'll add to it," Michael Rist said.

"Once we get to the point we wouldn't be able to get it out the door we hope to move it outside, where it can continue to grow."

Largest ball of stickers compared against basketball

Luckily, Sticky Brand stickers are not only eco-friendly but also weatherproof according to Rist who is confident in the record-breaking balls’ ability to make it through a Vermont Winter once it’s moved outside. 

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