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Staff at DHL Paket GmbH have made a splash (or in this case, no splash!) by breaking the Guinness World Records title for Most people on a raft.

By managing to create a raft that could withstand 956 of them on lake Otto-Maigler-See, in Cologne, Germany, on 15 June they broke a record had been untouched since 2014 when REWE Markt GmbH (Germany) managed to fit 512 people.

The global courier company wanted to incorporate record breaking into its employee engagement programme, ending up with the ultimate team-building exercise - and a record title!

Events company Team Geist organised the record attempt on behalf of DHL.


The day of the event was hot and sunny - perfect weather for raft building on a lakeside beach!

The participants, who were all DHL employees, split into small groups and allocated a section of beach to work on.

They then worked together in groups of up to 10 to build rafts out of wooden planks, poles, rope and rubber rings. 


Once they had been completed they were all brought down to the water and put together with three jetty entrance points.

All the participants had to stand on it for a full five minutes without getting their feet getting wet or the raft partially submerging.

However all the rafts were built to last, and everyone managed to keep their feet dry!


Adjudicator Sofia Greenacre was on hand at the event to give an immediate decision to the attempt, and to hand over DHL's official Guinness World Records certificate.  

Sofia said of the day: "The record attempt was well organised and I think the participants really enjoyed the activity."

All employee also received a Guinness World Records official attempt medallion to commemorate their participation in the event.

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