Canned coffee is not something you usually find on supermarket shelves, but in Japan it's a popular drink with a long history - long enough for a Guinness World Records title.

Longest-selling ready-to-drink canned coffee brand- current has been set by UCC Milk Coffee, which is produced by UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. Ltd having been on sale for an astounding 49 years. 

It is also the world's first canned coffee to be sold.

UCC Coffee 2

The story of canned coffee began when Tadao Ueshima, the founder of UCC Ueshima Coffee, had a bitter experience at a railway station.

After buying a cup of coffee at a station kiosk to drink before he boarded his train, Ueshima had to leave most of his drink when the train was signalled to leave after he'd only taken a sip.

UCC Coffee 4

From that developed canned coffee - a drink that can be stored at room temperature and be taken on the train.

Although UCC Milk Coffee was not an immediate success, it has grown to become a long seller, with approximately 15 billion cans sold since its launch. 

Over the past 49 years, Ueshima Coffee has been adjusting the flavour slightly to best suit the taste buds of the time.

UCC Coffee 5

Upon receiving the Official Certificate, Tatsushi Ueshima, the Chairman of Ueshima Coffee (and the son of Tadao Ueshima), said that the brand survived the test of time because of all the staff.

"Since the launch of the world's first canned coffee, all the staff worked hard together to keep the quality and flavour of UCC Milk Coffee. We would like to continue serving this classic milk coffee taste to as many people as possible."
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