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A bold orange and purple awareness ribbon has been created in the UAE support of World Psoriasis Day.

Pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma has put together the Largest awareness ribbon in the psoriasis awareness ribbon colours on 29 October, measuring 1,463.85 m² (15,756 ft² 108 in²).

The attempt took place at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club with high attendees such as Dr Anwar al Hammadi, Head of Dermatology Department at the Dubai Health Authority.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and teach the public about psoriasis and its emotional, psychological and physical health effects as well as the impact it has on the skin.


Dr Hammadi said: "The prevalence of psoriasis and its widespread nature is an urgent call for increased research, improved advancements and extensive public awareness. Initiatives such as these aid in better acceptance and understanding of the condition."

Leo Pharma Largest awareness ribbon group shot

Hisham Omar, Senior Director GCC at LEO Pharma added: "Psoriasis may look like 'just a skin disease', but it is so much more; just as those living with psoriasis, are so much more than the condition itself.

"It is LEO Pharma’s mission to help people achieve healthy skin; but tackling the condition of someone’s skin is just the first step."

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