The citizens of Orlando, Florida wanted to think of a creative way to thank the 68 million people who visited the city in 2016. 
Thus for this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Orlando (the official source for Orlando travel planning) did so by setting the record for Most greetings cards collected in 24 hours. 

Most greetings cards collected in 24 hours 2
During a gathering of more than 900 members of the tourism community, the number of tourists who visited the city in 2016 was announced along with the newly achieved record title.  
A total of 3,144 cards were handwritten by several employees of the city’s hotels, theme parks, and local attractions as part of the #OrlandosBigThankYou campaign. 
Most greetings cards collected in 24 hours 3
The initiative, aimed to thank millions of guests for their support and frequent visitation.
"Orlando and Orange County continue to be the number one vacation destination in the nation," said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs. "But this wouldn't be possible without the many millions of guests who choose to come here year after year for our world renowned attractions and entertainment options. However, what truly makes their experience here better than any other community is our culture of hospitality combined with our front-line hospitality workers and welcoming residents."
Most greetings cards collected in 24 hours 4
All thank you cards written for the record be mailed to individuals who visited Orlando, Florida in 2016.

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