There have been numerous super-sized chocolate creations that have set records since Guinness World Records started documenting incredible achievements, but few will have matched the scale of the new title holder for the Largest chocolate truffle. 
Largest chocolate truffle 4
Located in Mount Pleasant, Texas (USA), chocolate manufacturer Sweet Shop USA aimed to set the record on their 44th anniversary
Using huge amounts of chocolate and a large dome-shaped mold, Sweet Shoppe USA created the super-sized treat based on their most popular Milk Swiss Mint Truffle. 
Largest chocolate truffle 5
The family-owned chocolate producer had the challenge of beating a record that has stood since 2012 – achieved in Italy with a truffle that had weighed a total of 802 kg (1,768 lb 2 oz). 
Largest chocolate truffle 2 
Nonetheless, Sweet Shop USA nearly doubled the record total, producing a gigantic truffle that weighed 1,074.33 kg (2,368 lb 8 oz). 
After officially receiving the record title, the company put the massive piece of decadent chocolate for sale in their store.
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