(Pic above) Jaguar launched its new F-PACE SUV with a successful attempt at the record for Largest loop-the-loop in a car 
It can sometimes feel, that brands need superpowers to stand out in saturated markets. Not the getting-bitten-by-a-radioactive-spider type of power (although that would be handy), but the sort of power that cuts through the constant bombardment and really resonates with consumers.
So where can brands get that power? Simple. From within themselves. Instead of predictable self-promotion, create the right story and tell it with energy, authenticity, and a healthy dash of pizzazz. One consumers want to watch unfold, be entertained by, remember, connect with, share. That’s the superpower.
 LG Electronics: Tallest house of cards build in 12 hours
If brands push themselves to the very limit of what they can achieve, it can produce incredibly powerful results. Using an ambitious Guinness World Records title attempt to launch new products can do this: LG Electronics picked up a coveted bronze award at the recent Brand Film Festival for their record-breaking campaign of the tallest house of cards in 12 hours. We're not talking about any old house of cards, though. Oh no. Try building that house of cards on top of an operating washing machine for the entire 12 hours, with the challenge of getting it taller than 20 storeys high without collapsing.
It’s the perfect example of how brands can transform the everyday into the extraordinary. What was once mundane can be elevated to superhero status, with the help of a globally recognised achievement that propels brands or their products into the spotlight and reaches their target audience – Guinness World Records holds 97% recognition in the UK and USA alone. 
Understandably, some brands may feel record attempts are daunting or out of reach, especially newer concerns or start-ups. Not so. Guinness World Records campaign ideas can be crafted for every brand, product or service out there, from global brand awareness campaigns right through to crowdfunded product launches.
Launching the Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 (Most consecutive tandem push-ups) 
To mark the launch of their new CrossFit Nano 7 shoe earlier this year, Reebok organised a 24-hour celebration of record breaking in cities across the globe
So, how can brands, agencies and PR teams unleash their inner superpower and get their campaigns off the ground? (sadly, not through levitation just yet, but we're working on that). Here's how the process works…

You’ve got the power

Maybe you've got a fabulous idea for your campaign? Great. Don’t have any ideas? That’s also great. Guinness World Records' in-house records consultancy team is a talented bunch of creatives with experiential, marketing and commercial expertise. They know how to find records that fit brand objectives by using and integrating a brand’s best features, benefits, key messages and values.

We’ve got the brainpower

Brainstorm, brainstorm, and more brainstorm. The creative team will come up with the best idea for a brand’s campaign based around their objectives. Not only that, but there’s a big database crammed full of ideas that can be searched for both new and existing record possibilities.

The power of good

Once the perfect record idea for a campaign is identified, Guinness World Records will feed back with a proposal that includes ideas for record attempts, along with guidance on how these can be extended into wider campaigns that can be used across bought, owned, shared and earned media. We'll also advise on making the most of associated PR and marketing opportunities to maximise a brand’s ROI.

Let’s power share

Now for the really exciting part – attempt a record with an official Guinness World Records title event! An adjudicator to verify the attempt on the spot will ratchet up the dramatic tension and lends the necessary sense of theatre to the occasion. Many Guinness World Records attempts have great viral appeal, so be sure to capture and share the event across all your brand’s social media platforms.
All successful record holders receive their own Record Holder certificate once the record is fully approved. Brands can also access Guinness World Records logo licensing, which allows them to use official logos on all marketing and PR materials for a set period of time before and after their event. Using the globally recognised logos is a powerful stamp of approval. Consider it official verification of your brand’s new superpower status.
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Coming soon: how brands can turn storytellers with a Guinness World Records title attempt. 
* A version of this article originally appeared on PRWeek.com