With another year of superb, record-breaking achievements nearly over, it's time to look back at some of the highlights from 2017.

This year has seen some fantastic creations with technology and skill levels pushed ever further in the pursuit of Guinness World Records glory.

So let's take a look at some of those successes which took huge amounts of planning and effort.

1. Largest water screen projection

2017 got off to a spectacular start thanks to Dubai Festival City in UAE which launched its new multi-media attraction, IMAGINE, by breaking the record for the Largest water screen projection.

An enormous 893 m² (9,612.17 ft²) light projection was displayed on a curtain of 30 water fountains and mist in Festival Bay, outside the mall.

The 360-degree display, called 'Stardancer', also included music, fireworks and dancing with thousands of people turning up to enjoy the record-breaking performance.

2. Largest object unboxed

Largest object unboxing 4

Unboxing is all the rage these days; people love to see new products being opened and get an instant review.

But nobody has unboxed anything as big as a Volvo truck, which is what three-year-old Joel Jovine from Charlotte, North Carolina in the USA did in March.

Little Joel was chosen by Volvo to open a specially constructed 23.46 m (77 ft) cardboard box (which had to be made of standard box materials - cardboard and cellophane, be opened without tools and not fall apart when the lorry drove out) to help launch Volvo Trucks' new VNL model.

Safe to say, Joel was thrilled and created some very adorable images.

Largest object unboxing 3

3. Farthest barrel roll in a car

A feat often associated with James Bond, Jaguar and stunt driver Terry Grant achieved a distance of 15.3 m (50ft 2.4 ins) at the ExCeL Centre in London, UK in July.

Stunt man Terry was the perfect man for the job - he currently has nine Guinness World Records titles including Largest loop the loop in a car and Narrowest J-Turn - which was performed to help launch Jaguar's new E-PACE SUV.

Terry had to drive the E-PACE up a ramp, travel through the air turning a minimum of 270 degrees and land safely on the other side.

During the attempt Terry had to endure a powerful G-Force of 5.5.

Jaguar barrel roll record attempt

4. Most robots dancing simultaneously

This massive robot dance took place in Guangzhou, China, in August and was organised by WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

In total 1,069 robots performed the carefully choreographed routine to perfection - a few others fell down and therefore couldn't be counted.

All robots were called 'Dobi' with WL Tech organising the dance to demonstrate their latest robotic technology.

As well as having the ability to dance, Dobi can talk, do Tai Chi and many other human-like actions.

5. Tallest sandcastle

This proved to be a very popular record in 2017 with two new standards set during the course of the year.

First up was Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik whose creation on a beach at Puri, Odisha, in February was aimed at promoting world peace and stood 14.84 m (48 ft 8 ins) tall with a 530 ft circumference at its base.

Tallest sandcastle certificate presentation

However this was eclipsed in October by German tour operator and travel agency Schauinsland-Reisen GmbH which used 3,500 tonnes of sand, collected in 168 trucks, to create a 16.68 m (54 ft 9 in) sculpture in Duisburg over the course of a month.

Largest sandcastle details

Aiming to create a holiday atmosphere in the city as part a brand awareness campaign, the castle contained intricately images of tourist attractions from around the world including Athens' Acropolis, Barcelona's Sagrada Familia and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

6. Tallest tower of cupcakes

Tallest tower of cupcakes portrait

It must have been very tempting for those helping with this record to sneakily enjoy a cake as they were setting up in September.

Luckily they all had sufficient willpower to ensure the Tallest tower of cupcakes was created using 6,370 individual fairy cakes.

The completed tower in Vereeniging, South Africa, stood 10.77 m (35 ft 4 ins) tall meaning the new record went to Cupcakes of Hope Cancer Foundation.

Once the 1.2 tonne structure was taken down, the cupcakes were distributed among volunteers and guests, as well as childrens homes and hospitals while money raised from the event went towards stem cell implant treatment for a patients in South Africa.